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Takinom fanart

I'm a big fan of the card game Chaotic (which is now dead, sadly) and the iconic designs of a lot of the creatures. So many stick out in my head that I may do other creatures later on like Maxxor, Chaor, Intress, Xaerv, Rothar... the list goes on.
Let me know if you're a fan of the game so I can do more just like this!

Theo murgan takinom

Added finishing touches: eye shine, fire sparks, background and voila!

Theo murgan takinomprocess6

Some fire effects and glow.

Theo murgan takinomprocess5

Lights on a screen layer and wings painted behind.

Theo murgan takinomprocess4

Flat colors.

Theo murgan takinomprocess3

Flat mask and layer in linear burn for shading on top (I like shading first like this, looks cool, but you can add flat colors first if you want).

Theo murgan takinomprocess2

Final lines with attention to line weight.

Theo murgan takinomprocess1

Rough sketch on several layers for body, armor, wings and fire.